"A World of Calm" has been started to share, learn, discuss and engage people about anxiety. Most of us deal with feeling anxious, how can we come together to create a calmer life?

The main goal of this site is to create a space where visitors can see the following :

1. There is nothing wrong with talking about mental health. We all have our own mental health to look after and I would have LOVED to see someone a little older than me who was dealing with a diagnosis in the way I have now decided to. 

2. There are ways to improve how you feel. These are all personal. On this site I will share some of mine in my blog and collect any that are sent in here.

3. This is a place to relax, as are many places in this huge (sometimes very scary) world. Let's find these places together and share them with others. 

4. You do not have to have any sort of anxiety issue to join in here. Anxiety manifests in all of us and is a normal part of life at times. This is about making times of anxiety easier to deal with for everyone, not just those diagnosed.

If you have any ideas for this website,

or a product you'd like me to review,

please send your message here.


"A World of Calm" will share some of my experiences with general anxiety disorder. After being diagnosed in 2011 I have come a very long way but still struggle daily. 

I do really want people to engage in breaking the stigma often found when talking about mental health as I truly feel we could all benefit from consciously working on improving

our mental well-being. 

I refuse to hide my anxiety disorder and am so lucky I have this platform to discuss ways to improve our dealings with anxiety. 

Thanks for visiting!


© Harriet Ogier 2018

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