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Thoughts…with anxiety

I have decided to write about thoughts for two reasons. The first is that it was the first suggestion for a blog post title I have received and felt it would be a great thing to write about. The second is that it unites EVERYONE with any type of anxiety issue.

I decided to share the idea of my blog post about thoughts with my twitter followers and asked “what’s the biggest challenge for you regarding thoughts with anxiety?” I got some really good answers and advice – check out the thread here.

We all have thoughts, and those with anxiety issues often have thought spirals, negative thought patterns and disaster mindsets. We are all capable of getting lost in our own heads, anxiety disorder or not.

Here are some things I do when I am having anxious thoughts:

- Question others on your thoughts. Don't be afraid to ask family members/friends "Is this a rational thought? I am a bit worried about X" - I have started doing this at home and it has really helped. Obviously, you can't base your thought patterns on others opinions of them, but sometimes it is nice to gain reassurance in this way.

- Ask yourself how likely something is to happen. I am bad at this, I often think unlikely things are likely to happen, and also seek proof that they will happen. For example, I might worry that someone does not like me, and then the "proof" is that they were rushing to get away when we last spoke. These are not likely to be linked, but can create fear. Sometimes writing about thoughts is a great way to start. I would write down what I am worried about and then think what I would say to someone else who told me they were worrying about that particular issue.

So - "I am worried this person doesn’t like being around me"

"Why? They were probably just in a rush. Your worth isn’t based on if someone likes/dislikes you" or something like that - find reasons for the opposite of your worries!

Being your own friend is so important, it sounds so cheesy but the moment you decide to be on your own side and work against anxious thoughts is the moment you can start to change your life.

I’m so pleased that this blog post came from someone sending me an email. You can do the same here if you have an idea for a post.

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